Wellness Packages

Base State Longevity

Discover a better state of body and mind during your visit to Aspen with The Gant x Base State wellness offerings. From recharging post-travel or after a night on the town to elevating your body’s ability to adjust to altitude quickly, these custom wellness packages with exclusive rates for guests of The Gant are designed to enhance your Aspen experience.

JET LAG SOLUTION | In-Studio $220
Recharge your body post-travel: kickstart your lymphatic system, soothe sore muscles, and help reset your circadian rhythm. This 110-minute treatment includes a Ballancer®Pro lymphatic compression session and a 45-minute infrared sauna + cold plunge session in your own private suite with amenities.

  • Ballancer®Pro lymphatic session
  • Private sauna + cold plunge

PRE OR POST PARTY | In-Studio $325
Want to enjoy a night out but also feel good the next day? Reduce or alleviate hangovers with a pre- or post-party IV to hydrate and replenish your system. Follow this with a 45-minute private sauna and cold plunge session to sweat out toxins and release endorphins.

  • Hangover IV Drip
  • Private sauna + cold plunge

HIGH ALTITUDE RELIEF | In-Studio $275, In-Room $475
Elevate your body’s ability to adjust to altitude quickly. This 60-minute treatment includes an IV drip with compounds designed to relieve altitude adjustment symptoms, an O2 concentrator session, and soothing Normatec leg compression session.

  • Altitude IV Drip
  • O2 Concentrator
  • Normatec Leg Compression

SUMMIT ALTITUDE RELIEF | In-Studio $360, In-Room $875
The ultimate package to efficiently aid your body in adjusting to life at 7,908 feet. This 130-minute treatment includes a hyperbaric session where you relax and breathe concentrated oxygen in a pressurized chamber, an IV drip formulated with compounds designed to relieve altitude adjustment symptoms, and a Normatec leg compression session for ultimate acclimatization.

  • Hyperbaric O2 chamber
  • Altitude IV Drip
  • Normatec Leg Compression

Offerings and pricing are exclusive to guests of The Gant. Once you have booked your accommodations at The Gant, please contact the concierge at 970-920-6080 to reserve a wellness service.